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Anne Rogers Interiors Staff Photo
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A little about us...

Anne Rogers Interiors offers full service, luxury interior design services with a relational focus. We strive to know our clients well, allowing us to create beautiful spaces that meet their unique needs. Focusing on design details, color, and space, ARI acts as a bridge between the client and the contractors, builders, and architects throughout the entire project to ensure a personal and unique design experience.

Our Values

Bathroom Towel rod w/ towel and shower- Historic Home Restoration

Client Focused

Above all else, at ARI we are focused on our clients. We go above and beyond for our clients whenever possible. We strive to know the details of our clients' lives and to have personal connections with them. Building trust and giving personalized attention are a top priority in all that we do.

200 Year Old Farmhouse Fireplace


How we speak, how we act, what we wear, and all areas of interaction are regarded as proper and honorable. We demonstrate the highest level of integrity in all interactions. At ARI we value the comfort of those we interact with, and do our best to accommodate and serve others whenever possible

Coastal Inspired Bungalow Office Built in


At ARI we go above and beyond whenever possible. Doing the bare minimum isn't in our DNA. We sometimes work odd hours, have meetings in odd places, and take work home from the office. We do what it takes to get the job done in the best possible way.

Coastal Inspired Bungalow Dining Room


We value close relationships with employees, clients, and collaborators. It is expected that our staff will know the details of each others lives and the lives of our clients. Employees at ARI are willing to be open about their personal lives within the professional environment.

2019 Parade of Homes Art Studio


Being a design company requires inherent creativity, but it doesn't stop there. At ARI we strive to find creative solutions to all problems, and approach every interaction with a desire for a beautiful and functional outcome.

2019 Parade of Homes Wine Storage


We all have lives outside of work. Kids get sick, cars need repaired, appointments get rescheduled. At ARI we pride ourselves on being a workplace that bends and adapts to the needs of life for our employees, clients, and collaborators.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team.

Anne Rogers

Anne Rogers

CEO & Principal Designer

The most inspiring part of my job is being able to create beautiful spaces for our clients as well as the relationships that form throughout the process.

Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers

Marketing Director

The most inspiring part about my job is translating the team's work into digital and print formats. The spaces they create are incredible to experience and I love getting to share that with a larger audience.

Kortney Miller

Kortney Miller

Senior Interior Designer

My most prized possession is my house. It's a blessing to be able to have one right now, and i'm thankful to be able to create beautiful spaces for myself and my family.

Donna Hess

Donna Hess

Office Manager

When I'm not in the office you can most likely find me spending time with my family.

Megan Schrimpf

Megan Schrimpf

Digital Interior Designer

My favorite space in my home is my bedroom. Its a mixture of my personality and my favorite trends. Plus it's my space to decompress and relax.

Mantle detail Image- Traditional Style Modern Renovation Anne Rogers Interiors Design


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